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      Mozambique has got many treasures around its shores, in the middle of the ocean, and Xefina Island tour allows You to explore one of them. Many people see the island from the main sea road, and all they wonder if it is possible to visit, as it seems close to the continent, even reachable by swimming, but the true is you need a boat. You will find some locals living there from goats, hens and fishing. The beach is entirely for your own entertainment, so do the sea. And we will take you for a walk around the island to show Mozambique’s past. Come and explore this virgin island!

      Meeting Point:Porto da Pesca (Maputo).

      Arrival Point:Xefina Island.

      Departure Time-8:00 Am.

      Min Age:6+

      Max People:12

      What to bring:
      Extra drinks
      Swimming clothes

    • Inclui
    • Mussiro host/guide/Boat Drinks & Snacks & Picnic lunch/Portable fridge (with ice) Shadow.

    • Idiomas falados
    • English,Portuguese,Spanish

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