What are activities or services?

Activities can range from excursion tours to educational activities or sports and leisure events. There are 11 categories available, including "Services". These can range from professional businesses to part time enthusiasts.

Activities are designed and managed by the hosts. Each hosts aims to give their guests unique experiences to places and communities around the city.

Hosts can offer both long term repeated activities or short term singular events. Long term activities can be made available over multiple days, repeating according to a fixed schedule with exceptions (Public holidays, etc). Singular events can be made available for a select few number of days.

Looking to reserve a spot for an activity? Feel free to explore.

Ready to host an activity? We're excited to be here for this next step in sharing your passion.

Booking help

How do I book an activity?

Choose between finding activities through the website or the official Here & there APP through an iOS or Android device. Once you have access, look for the activity you are interested in. Feel free to apply filters according to a specific city, category or dates for example.

When you found the right activity for you, choose the most suitable timing. Each activity can be available on various times and dates.

What requirements do I need to be aware of before booking an activity?

We must all comply with local laws and regulations when we go on an activity.

Any other specific requirements (ex: scuba certification, driver’s license) for an activity will be listed by the host in the description section.

Some activities may also be offered to different skill levels. (ex. skiing, snowboarding, etc)

Before booking

Make sure to review what's included with the activity and if there are any requirements specified by the host (ex. age limits or skill level).

Booking additional activities

Feel free to book as many activities as you want during your trip. The tickets will be available through the "My tickets" section and you will be notified about your upcoming events.

Top user questions

What's included in an activity?

Information about what is or isn’t included will be listed on the "Description" and "Extras" section. The extras vary for each activity based on what the host provides.

Is Accommodation Included?

Normally accommodation is not included with activities. On rare occasions an immersion might last more than a day and it is then up to the host to mention clearly if it is included. Make sure to read the “Description / Extras” section of the activity to confirm if accommodation is included.

Can I book an activity for someone else?

Yes! When booking an activity there is an option to send it as a gift by inserting your friend's email.You can also book multiple tickets if you are going to attend as a group.

What is the cancellation policy?

An activity is refundable if:

You cancel at least 48 hours before it is scheduled to start.

The host had to reschedule / cancel his appointments.

Cancellation / rescheduling due to bad weather requested by the host.

What happens if my host cancels his/her activity?

In the unlikely event which the host cancels their booking, you will get a full refund.

Paying for a reservation

When am I charged for a reservation?

Your payment will be charged for the entire amount at the time of booking.

Whether the reservation is two days or two months away, your payment transaction is reserved until 24 hours after attending the activity before finally processing it to the host. This period gives all parties time to make sure that everything went as expected.

What Payment Methods can I use?

You can make payments through Paypal with a credit and debit card or pay directly through your Paypal account.

Different payment providers will be added according to the local demand.

What are the pricing & fees?

Our fees are 15% to 20% on average.

Why should I choose booking through Here & there?

Making a reservation through Here and there ensures that you're protected under our Terms of Service & Cancellation policies. In addition to the ease of finding activities you enjoy, you can promptly access your ticket or communicate with the host directly through the App or any browser.

Your account

Your profile

Your profile Is your identification throughout the platform. Please ensure it is as accurate and truthful as possible, it is very important for the both guest and host to be transparent with each other.


In order to promote transparency and a better community, we would all appreciate honest but respectful reviews. This is the section that helps us grow and lets other members of this community know what to expect.

Hosting Help

Should I Host an Activity?

Here & there was created for all of us, whether you are a freelance service provider, tour guide, tutor or even just organizing an event between friends.

We believe that anybody with a particular set of Skills, a dream, a passion, or simply a beloved extracurricular activity should host an Activity!

It is the perfect way to make new acquaintances, get exposure to your current business, make an extra source of income and perhaps even discover a new career path.

How to host an activity?

All you need to do is register an account, set up your profile and create your Activity. This can be done through any browser or the official Here & there App.

Creating an activity can be done in 5 steps. Name your activity, describe it with text and pictures, set your availability, make sure the location is correct and finally set your prices and promotions.

Once your activity is approved, it would then be available to all of the users eager to get to know you.

Top host questions

How will users find my activity?

Here and there uses geolocation which displays nearby activities to the users.

The algorithm prioritizes displaying activities based on the ratings they have.

Users will also receive communication through push notifications, emails and our social media publications. We recommend activities based on ratings and user reviews.

Can I boost my activity´s exposure?

Yes!After you listed your activity you will be redirected to your "Host hub".

Under each activity you will see a “boost activity” button.

You can then choose how many days your activity will be shown among the promoted activities.Please keep in mind that this option is available to every host, the display priority will still be based on ratings and the "boosted" activities will appear on the "Top Trending" section.

What requirements do my activities need to meet?

In an open and competitive marketplace, all service providers should have high standards and aim to achieve a lasting positive impression on their client. Bellow are some suggestions to help achieve those high standards:

The description of your activity needs to be accurate and truthful.

The pictures uploaded need to represent your activity. No misleading images are allowed.

As a host you have to honor the reservations and show commitment to your guests. Be on time, be polite and professional.

If your activity receives bad reviews or too many low-star rating, it will be reviewed and can be taken down by the quality assurance team.

Can I cancel my reservations?

Cancellations are subject to a cancellation penalty of 20%.

In the event that you cancel a reservation, a full refund will be issued to the customers. Unless otherwise agreed between you and the customer to reschedule the activity for another session.

If this becomes a recurring issue, we hold the right to suspend your activities and review your account.

What happens if my guest(s) cancel?

If your guest(s) cancels their reservation, we´ll notify you and automatically update your calendar on the "reservations" section.

My calendar and listing

Can I change the pricing & availability of my activity?

Yes, you can edit your whole activity listing.

Please keep in mind that the changes will only be effective for future reservations and not the ones that have already been made.

In case you want to change the dates or times of the activity when you already have upcoming reservations, you will be subject to the cancellation penalty and the users will be refunded if they do not wish to attend the new timing.

Responding to inquiries & requests

We are more than happy to serve as the middle man between user and host, feel free to contact us directly via livechat or send an email to:

Deactivating your listing

Although you can edit your listing at any time, once it is listed, you have to send us an email requesting to remove it or you can turn it into a "private" activity.

How payouts work

Getting paid

By default, payments are processed within 24 to 48 hours after the activity has ended.

Payments can also be set to once a month on the 5th, for the previous month's sales. This option depends on the agreement with the host and will require invoices.

Adding payout preferences

Payouts are currently available to your Paypal Account, which can then be withdrawn directly to your bank account without additional charges.

It is very important to make sure that the email you used to register the account is correct, you can always update it through the "Payment preferences" section of your profile.

Taxes & invoices

Depending on the agreement we have with the host, we will either invoice the customer directly or the host.

By default, we will invoice the host based on our fees charged. It is up to the host to issue an invoice of the activity to the final customer.

We recommend consulting a tax professional in your country if you have any doubts.

My account

My profile

It is recommended to keep your profile as accurate as possible and your pictures recognizable.

Upload a picture without sunglasses, hats, or any other accessories that might make it more difficult to recognize you.

If we suspect that your profile might be fake, we hold the right to ask for identification such as a picture of your ID. This is only a precautionary measure for us to make sure it is really you.

Account security

It is very important to keep your password secret and private at all times.

If you notice any suspicious activity, we recommend changing your password through the "Edit profile" section.


In a community where quality is of the outmost importance, reviews play a very important role.

Please keep in mind that the algorithm ranks the activities according to the best reviews. This means you will get more exposure in comparison with other activities.

Here & there also communicates through push notifications, email and social media posts. The algorithm for these publications are exactly the same.

In addition, if your activity receives too many bad reviews or ratings, our quality assurance team reserves the right to review or take down the activity.

Please keep in mind that they will remain temporarily inactive until the problems are resolved.