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      Inhaca to Ponta do Ouro Tour | Walking and Camping Expedition by the Beach | 4 Days | September Dates

      We all need a break once in a while, we need an adventure, to reconnect with ourselves and one another, and to discover the world around us and within us. Inhaca to Ponta do Ouro Tour delivers the best possible context to achieve all that.

      In this unique expedition, we will let our feet in the sand transport us to unique places. We will commune with nature and revive our connection with animals, uncover smiles, flavors, and sights. In this memorable journey, we will be transported to the grandiosity of simple things. There are some precious and unexplored areas for us to freely walk and get immersed in nature, with all the senses of the human body involved in the experience, the waves, the birdsong, feet in the ground. Let’s discover the secrets of Maputo bay by joining our very first travel of this event – The travel 0, is only open for a few friends from Uauu and Mussiro Trips, we want you to be part of this adventure and let yourself be amazed by the immense blue sea. Shall we?

      Departures Maputo's harbour.

      We will visit Santa Maria, Ponta Mucombo, Ponta Dobela, Ponta Mamoli and Ponta do Ouro.

      Min Age:6+.

      Max People:20.

    • Includes
    • Individual tent/Individual mattress/One flashlight per person/One dry bag per person/Breakfast (coffee, tea, fruit, eggs)/Dinner (Exquisitely prepared and including drinks)/Water and food during the day (lunch prepared on the beach by the staff).

    • Languages spoken
    • English,Portuguese,Spanish

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  • About the host

    Hosted by Mussiro trips, from Mozambique

    Mozambique Tours. Traveling with purpose...

    The unique and exclusive Mozambique tours, created by Mussiro Trips, are an immersive traveling experience. Thought for those of us seeking a more meaningful connection with the places we travel to and the people we travel with.

    Mussiro creates and delivers travel expeditions from Mozambique, we have a few signature trips to Maputo Special Reserve, Inhaca, Tofo, Vilanculos, Quissanga, Ilha de Moçambique, Kruger Park by Limpopo, but we can also design your own trip, as your own Space.

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    The activity takes place in Inhaca, Moçambique

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