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    • The Maputo Special Reserve (Reserva Especial de Maputo) has been transformed over the last ten years into an unmissable Maputo attraction. Now teeming with Elephants in this unique beachside setting, the park also now boasts Giraffes, Hippopotamus, Crocodiles, Zebras, Monkeys and an ever-growing array of deer species.

      Our safari starts early morning at the first ferry crossing with the Maputo Elephant Reserve - as it used to be known - only 75kms away on the new southern highway.

    • Includes
    • Experienced guide, snacks and lunch, and entrance fees.

    • Languages spoken
    • Portuguese and English.

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    • 2 people  -  

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    Hosted by Tours Maputo, from Mozambique

    Tours Maputo is Mozambique's freshest Travel Agent providing visitors to Maputo with a series of tourism services.
    Beginning with airport transfers, assistance in finding accommodation and rental vehicles.
    And we are famed for our fantastic day trips in and around Maputo. Experience History, Culture and Nature.

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    The activity takes place in Matutuíne, Moçambique

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